March 22, 2006

Richard Belzer: BANNED

I'm a little slow (ok, a lot slow) at posting about it (I blame the browser that ate this post the first time I wrote it), but guess what I didn't watch last night ... that's right ... L&O:SVU. Thanks to Blackfive and his loyal readers, I am now more informed about how Richard Belzer really feels about our troops. And quite frankly, I'm just not listening.

I really enjoy the fact that in our country you have the right to think or say whatever your heart desires. What doesn't seem to cross the minds of those who want to be heard is, there's no line in the Constitution or Bill of Rights or the Declaration of Independence or any other founding document that says anyone has to actually give a crap about what you want to think or say. It just says that I don't have the right to keep you from thinking or saying whatever it is you'd like me to pay attention to ... so I won't.

I won't make any move to tell Richard Belzer to STFU or impede his rights. What I will do though ... ? I'll add him to my list. He can join people like Johnny Depp and the Dixie Chicks, both of whom have been banned from my house. That's right ... BANNED! I don't care how talented you are as an actor, musician, or circus monkey celebrity - it doesn't make you a genius ...

So, Richard Belzer (and L&O:SVU as his employer), find yourself comfy on the LIST OF THE BANNED because your ignorant gum flapping has landed you a spot that I don't think you'll be leaving anytime soon. But by all means, keep talking ... that will just leave more time and money in my day to spend on people who are going to stick to what I'm paying attention to them for - entertainment.

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I don't know about Belzer, but I think the Dixie Chicks are over your ban.

Posted by: Notverybright at March 23, 2006 09:57 AM