December 28, 2005

What Was That Road Paved With Again?

You know that handbasket Eric is over there pontificating about? I seem to have found one of my own...

Things with mom have completely gone to shit. Things with dad have gone farther downhill. Lil bro has gone back to his I'm-far-too-busy-for-family lifestyle. Friends in town have apparently fallen off the planet, for whatever reason.

The plans to go to San Fran seem to be scrapped - which isn't a huge disappointment - but it puts me in an odd bind of where to spend the rest of my time out here in Cali. For the first time in my life, I'm anxious to get back to DC. I am antsy to have my space back, where I can think or experience my feelings without being observed or interrogated.

... I fully grasp that all this stress and drama is due in part to my willingness to confront people on uncomfortable issues, things they don't want to see or talk about. But personally, I'd rather put my cards on the table than just sit quietly by. Because how can I expect anyone to understand how their actions affect others if I never tell them? At least there is hope when you speak up. Silence guarantees nothing but more of the same...

"But if history teaches anything, it teaches that simpleminded appeasement or wishful thinking about our adversaries is folly. It means the betrayal of our past, the squandering of our freedom." -- Ronald Reagan

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... that handbasket just keeps getting bigger and bigger...

Posted by: Eric at December 28, 2005 11:52 AM

? Give Lex a shout out? He's got a motorcycle, or a Jet, or somethin' fast. Maybe he could bring his son along... since he's spoken for.

You did ask what you might do with the rest of your time in Cali, didn't you?

;) Meet somebody new to you!

Posted by: RedNeck at December 28, 2005 06:36 PM