December 21, 2005

Well That Semester SUCKED...

I have grades from two of my three courses up and boy is viewing them painful...

I'm generally little miss good grade...

So far,
One B ... very hard to swallow but probably very well deserved. I struggled with those four papers like I have never struggled with any assignment before.

One B+ ... incredibly disappointed here ... I loved this class. The final was a piece of cake, which can only mean I did miserable on my paper. Guess he didn't think I was creative enough...

And I don't expect a wonderful grade in the remaining course. That professor and I clashed a bit, and he tried to nail me saying I didn't turn in a final paper, when I had proof that I had.

I will be so glad when I have graduated...

The last grade finally came in. Another B+ ...
I know I shouldn't really care at this point - how much is my GPA going to matter once I've landed a job? But it is the first time in my life that there wasn't an A/A- on the grade report. A definite blow to the ego, but also a reflection of how disinterested I've become in the program.
My courses in the PhD department were tough, they were a challenge, they attempted to answer some of the questions plaguing our field. Maybe I need to be back in that department instead....

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i won't get grades for a while yet... and i really want to know!

Posted by: amelie at December 20, 2005 05:03 PM

I am sorry your grade were not to you liking. If you need to I'm always available for drowning your grade sorrows in beer. Or if you want to be more in the "holiday" spirit I could share my "hi-octane" egg nog with you. I'm drinking some now in fact. 3 parts egg nog and 1 part Wild Turkey Rare Breed Bourbon. (110 proof). It will add some serious "ho" to the "holidays."

Posted by: The Maximum Leader at December 20, 2005 09:33 PM

I haven't got my grades yet either, plus since I still owe them a grand for last semester, I probably won't see them for awhile!

Posted by: the Pirate at December 21, 2005 12:52 AM

Maximum Leader, that sounds like a plan.

Cat, just remember what they call the guy who graduates from med school with the lowest possible passing grade: Doctor.

Once you crack the first job out, the grades become less and less important.

Posted by: Lysander at December 23, 2005 03:19 PM