October 27, 2005


September was a pretty rough month in my kingdom and this week was no walk in the park... in fact, I'm a little sick and tired of the random 3 minute crying spells... and if I wanted to deal with this crap I would, but clearly I don't - so stay buried deep down in the pits of I-don't-care-land where I left you!

Sorry, off topic there for a moment...

What does all the bullshit in my life mean to you, loyal subjects? It means you're going to have to fend for yourselves for the weekend. In the morning I'm going out of town... hopefully to have some fun and clear my head... and my regular guest blogger is unavailable.

You'll be unsupervised and unentertained for an entire three days. Try not to trash the place while no one's around, ok?

I'll be back Sunday to tuck you all in.

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AHHHH! I need my Cat fix! Come back! I'm freaking out!

Posted by: Dorothy at October 30, 2005 08:03 AM

Hope your weekend gave you time to blow the cobwebs out. ;) Washington Cube Was Here. #436

Posted by: Washington Cube at October 30, 2005 01:45 PM