October 01, 2005

Horoscope Be Dammed

Well, I don't actually know what my horoscope for this month says but from where I sit today, October stands to be a much better month than what September was.

After two consecutive weekends of trying on every pair of pants in each store I walk into and coming home in tears empty handed, I have found pants that fit my body, fit my personality, and fit in the workplace.

The second hurdle to overcome was shoes. Unfortunately, as I have mentioned before, my feet are massive. While I didn't come home with boots to wear with skirts, I did come home with a pair of cute black heels and some classy grey heels. Two pairs of shoes for these feet in one day? I can't argue with a day like that...

Oh, and I got a great new bag to take to work since my old messenger bag is showing its several years of wear.

In the end, my credit card is tired, my feet are sore, and my mind is mush, but I have had a rare happy shopping experience... and that is enough... for now...

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