August 16, 2005


Remember that accident I was in a month ago? Yeah, still not resolved.

The guy who was driving, that got arrested, and I bailed out of jail? Not returning my phone calls. Where's my $1600, pal?

The chick who's car he was driving? Still being a manipulative bitch. Not returning phone calls either. Dad took her car to be repaired under the agreement that she either repaid the money or would give him the title so he could sell it. Now she's doing neither. She wants it to run perfectly before she makes a decision. It had an exhaust leak and it sounded like a go kart before the accident. What do you want from us bitch? Where's the $1700?

Why am I so angry about it right now? Because I care about my dad and I care about how much stress he is under and I care about nice guys getting screwed over. He was nice to these people because I was in the car at the time of the Dad has just found out that his wife may have cancer, again. Yes, again. This would make the third time for her, I believe. And while I don't like the woman, I don't wish that torture on her or for the anguish it puts my dad through.

So I am angry at these two yahoos for kicking a gift horse in the teeth. I feel like my hands are tied since this is all taking place in LA and I am not there. And I can't make my dad teach them a lesson. He has bigger, more important things going on in his life. When push comes to shove he'd probably take the hit to the wallet just to avoid the hassle of court.

If anyone in LA wants to handle this for me or break a jackasses knees in Brooklyn, let me know.

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yeah i'm pretty pissed off too lately, wanna get a beer? LOL

Posted by: CT at August 17, 2005 03:44 AM

... some people need a good beating, that is for sure...

Posted by: Eric at August 17, 2005 07:34 AM