August 12, 2005

Evil Upstairs

Do you live in a noisy apartment/condo/townhouse? Have you ever wondered why your neighbors are playing such loud music? If you live near me, maybe the reason is YOU.

I can't win the battle to keep the evil upstairs quiet so the only thing I'm left with is to fight back. The kids are constantly jumping off of the furniture, banging their toys on the window sill that just so happens to be directly above my bed, or screaming off the balcony which is also just a few feet from my bedroom. The adults have never heard of walking - they insist on stomping everywhere. Or screaming on the phone while on the balcony. I've bitched about this before where I noted they are so loud that the vibrations actually knock things off my walls. With a little help from Sheila and her wonderful 4.1s, my response is now loud music.

I tried being tolerant. I tried banging on the ceiling. I'd try talking to them but they don't speak english. I can't hear them annoying me, problem solved. If it pisses them off, bonus for me.

Sure, it might continue in a you annoy me, I annoy you battle of escalation but I'm a bitch when you piss me off... I'm pretty sure you'll regret messing with me once you push too far.

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I've done the "play loud music" bit myself in order to get my "former" downstairs neighbors to stop with their incessant bassy rap music and VERY loud arguments. I usually seemed to win on this one seeing that I have two VERY large 18" club speakers which are designed for use in dance clubs (I normally use them in my music studio). These babies I am sure set off Richter Scales around the Continental U.S. not to mention causing serious structural damage to the building I live in. If that didn't work, I just phoned in a domestic abuse complaint for the friggin' losers (which most times was actually taking place). Must have worked cause their butts got the ol' eviction notice some time back. Good luck with the neighbors. Wanna buy some industrial grade loudspeakers? (I can't sell them to you if you are pregnant or have a heart condition though). ;) :D

Posted by: Jeff at August 16, 2005 02:16 AM

If I recall correctly they are arab neighbors upstairs... be careful. Or instead of calling the domestic abuse line you can call the terror hotline.

Posted by: Telebush at August 16, 2005 03:15 PM