August 10, 2005

Jackson Zoo Break

Who ever said zoo animals aren't unhappy has never been here (note: you'll have to click on some of the pics to get the full effect)

This guy looks just a little depressed and hopeless

This one is desperate but hasn't quite given up hope yet

The poor bear is in the throws of frustrated desperation

The ostrich is just pissed that people won't leave him be...the constant interruptions make it very difficult to ignore a situation, you know...

I think this one is just feeling a little inadequate

But take heed, they are plotting their escape...And this guy is their plan's mastermind

I don't know about you, but with a leader that evil looking... I'm worried. And if they are successful? Boy are they going to be pissed when they find out that they've got many miles to go before finding anything of interest.

I say they follow the tiger's example...

'haven't you been paying attention guys? It's worse out there than it is in here. Just fuck it ... take a nap. We can always eat the keepers later if we get bored.'

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