August 09, 2005


I just got a phone call from a very soft spoken, speed talking, and seemingly annoyed woman asking if I would be willing to accept an internship in Washington DC. I could not understand what office she was calling from. Finally I figured out where she was referring to and told her I would be willing to since I live there.
But I had to make sure it didn't conflict with my other one so I asked her what time frame she was talking about. She had no idea what I meant. Finally we sorted out that she was referring to the fall. Well slap me silly and call me susan, you're damn right I'd accept an internship for the fall!

and then she said, "ok... we'll be in touch..."


UPDATE: They have called 3 times now to confirm if I would be willing to take an internship in DC instead of San Diego. But none of the calls have been to actually offer me a position... AHHH! These chicks are driving me crazy!

Posted by Princess Cat at August 9, 2005 08:51 AM @ 08:51 AM in Grad School // Permalink | TrackBack

.. you're rapidly turning into a woman-in-demand.... good job..

Posted by: Eric at August 8, 2005 07:55 PM

I wish people would call me out of the blue and ask me to work for them.

Posted by: Ogre at August 9, 2005 07:48 AM