August 07, 2005

Down For The Count

As you can see, I was remiss in my duty to provide an entertaining story of my life for you readers today. Why? It is a laundry list of events...

I was up until a wee hour of somewhere between 4 and 5 am last night and did not sleep in enough to compensate.

To begin the day, in the heat of an unforgiving sun, there was an adventure deep in the secret wooded seclusion where many trail was walked, a toy thrown, fetching to be had, an insect to flee, and a thorny scrub brush to be dealt with. Minor cuts and scrapes were received but no battle goes without its wounds.

After returning to the house it was time to attack the car. While bestowed upon me by the kindness of my grandmother and father, the unintentional gifts of dead skin, food crumbs, and animal hair had to go. Armed with wipes, ear plugs, and an overzealous mini vac, I sweated my ass off and cursed the properties black interior.

Next came the half assed garden planted by a roommate. With the lawn looking better I could no longer stand the unkempt appearance of his vegetables in front of the house. I ripped out weed after weed and then restaked the tomato plants that were bent and broken, showing no signs of love. Of course, there were casualties...but their demise was not in tomatoes were had for dinner.

Following a MUCH needed shower there was grocery shopping. Let me tell to restock your pantry after not having done so for about a month can really take it out of you. But I am pleasantly surprised to have gotten home for under $100. Unfortunately that still averaged out to about $18/bag...

As if the unusual performance of actual work weren't enough... I decided to cook dinner instead of just pull together enough sustenance to make my stomach stop growling. Roast pork tenderloin, cheese risotto, and fried green tomatoes. I have never had fried green tomatoes before but I was assured by a genuine southern boy that they tasted just right. Sure, he may just be being nice but I do know a thing or two about how to cook... so they might not hold a candle to Paula Deen... but dammit I wasn't raised in the South so cut me some slack on my learning curve here.

Oh, and I had to program the new thermostat that's been up since Friday because my techno-tarded roommate apparently can't figure out how to fix anything...'s been a full day... and I'm down for the count... see you tomorrow, my loves... a much more leisurely tomorrow...

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Posted by: ArmyWifeToddlerMom at August 7, 2005 11:30 PM

... damn, girl.. you're busier than ME!..

Posted by: Eric at August 8, 2005 08:51 AM