August 02, 2005


As you can see, I'm back. Less obvious though is that I'm more enlightened for having gone...It's been an adventure, for sure. Much less drama this trip but an experience nonetheless.

First - There really isn't anything to do in Jackson, MS...
-the zoo takes about an hour
-the planetarium takes 30 mins (but it'll be the best nap you've ever had)
-the Old Capitol Museum of MS History takes about an hour
-the natural history museum takes about an hour and includes A LOT of river fish
-if you need something to do on Sunday...well, you're pretty much screwed

Second - They really do operate a little differently in Jackson, MS...
-the hotel cleaning crew didn't have towels on their carts...we just got the 'unused' towels from the rooms that had checked out... ew...
-food in the Jackson airport is of low quality (even by airport standards) but more expensive than any other airport I've ever been too

Family was family...plenty of rude behavior due to the cliques that we just can't seem to break but people tried to get along. Most people were enamored with the newest addition, born a year ago, so the rest of us didn't have to be quite so cute or social. The branch of the family driving from TX (thus part of why we had it in Jackson) decided not to show up...thus pissing off the rest of us who'd rather have been somewhere else instead of a conference room off the interstate... *shrug* ... We had beer and the captain to help us make it through.

I'm now known as the info collector, the organizer, and in charge of putting together the rest of the family tree. Hopefully that doesn't mean I'm in charge of the next reunion...

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Posted by: Ogre at August 2, 2005 10:23 AM

Hell, if I'd have know you were in town, I'd have gotten the family together and had them help me move.

Posted by: Howard at August 4, 2005 11:46 AM

My sister was married in Jackson. I understand why the TX clan decided to stay away. :-)

Posted by: bryan at August 4, 2005 01:32 PM