July 25, 2005

Is It Too Quiet Here?

I apologize for the blackhole that this blog has become in the past couple of days...I've been letting life simmer down a little and enjoying the newly found little things offered to me here.

We drove around looking at houses yesterday, seeing how the neighborhoods have changed since I left seven years ago. In fact, these past 11 days make up the greatest chunk of continuous time I have spent in this town since I left. Before today, I had never spent more than a few days at a time in this town since high school.

I had lunch with Lil Bro and his GF (so cute, btw) and then we went shopping with KS without buying anything...we got spa pedicures like it was our weekend routine and laughed together the whole day. I rediscovered that playing pool takes practice...just because your mom has one in her house, doesn't mean you know how to play... In fact, it was embarassingly bad. But KS was just as bad...so that just made it fun...

Unfortunately, I did end up cancelling my trip to San Diego. This close to home and I just couldn't quite make it happen. But I'll be back in October/November time frame for some more good times down there.

Thanks for hangin in there readers. For now, I must pack...

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Have a safe trip. Your readers are still here.

Posted by: assrot at July 26, 2005 07:59 AM