July 14, 2005

Ready To Go

For the first time in a VERY long time I was damn near packed and ready to head to the airport last night, almost 24 hours before I even need to be in line for security. I haven't stressed out and stayed up all night, or even lost a wink of sleep...What is this world coming to?

With all my extra time I have been trying to tidy up the house a little. Doing the dishes I've neglected, tossing the trash that will stink when I get back in two weeks, and trying to clean out the fridge. Sounds fun, right?

Though, I talked to Dad and Lil Bro for a while too. Lil Bro is trying to get cleared to go back to work after his fall on Tuesday morning and Dad is running around like a wild man with company visitors in town and the sudden death of a close coworker's father. I'm avoiding Mom for the time being. She's very stressed out about work and the airport always makes that worse. It was important to her that she pick me up instead of depending on my Dad so she will be picking me up tonight ... and I think that's about all I can take of her for today. I love her but she is hard to take in sudden and/or large doses.

I generally dread going to LA because there are so many bad memories there, so much sadness, and an overwhelming sense of failure. I don't have any high school friends left to speak of either. On top of all that, I am going there this trip to sort through the remaining contents of the life I used to have in San Diego and I still miss so terribly.

But I am hopeful that things will be different this time. Tomorrow night, Dad, Lil Bro & GF, and I will go to a Dodgers game together...something we have never done before. We generally don't do more than have dinner together and don't make each other that important. In fact, Lil Bro has never trusted me to even meet any of his romantic interests before. So...I'm ready to go...and waiting to see what the next week has to offer.

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Good luck and have fun with the family. As you get older, you'll probably notice more and more that family means a lot to you. You just don't realize it for some reason when your young.

Posted by: assrot at July 15, 2005 07:50 AM