July 11, 2005

...And Stay Out!

You heard me...get out and stay out!

That's precisely how I feel about dogs. Am I a dog hater? Am I more of a cat person? No - I love dogs ... outside. I had a wonderful German Shepard as a kid. She had a fenced yard and a dog house...and that's where she belonged. She grew a thick coat in the winter and loved to play in the snow. In the summer she had plenty of shade and water. She was never without something to entertain her...including my brother and me...she was never neglected on our watch.

But, as much as I loved her, there was no good reason her, or any other dog, to live inside. The oils in their skin and coat are damaging to fabric (not to mention nasty smelling), they become emotionally needy by being so closely attached to their owners, they can't be left for an entire day without worry of 'accidents' or boredom...I could go on and on...

If you don't live in a place where your dog can live outside...maybe you shouldn't have a dog. How fair is it that you leave it cooped up all day while you go about your business? And don't get me started on people that take their dog everywhere they go... CUT THE CORD!

If your 'dog' is too scrawny or meek to be outside, you don't have a dog. You have a rat with a short tail and presumably more fur. Get a real dog.

Build a fence, build a doghouse with your kids, put your dog outside, and take back your house.

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I have four dogs. 3 Basset Hounds and 1 English Bulldog. My dogs live where I live. They have a nice, air-conditioned 3 bedroom house. There is no smell because I bathe them once a week, I don't have carpet and I have all leather furniture. They were house trained from puppies. They never have accidents. They also have a nice, big, fenced in yard with a dog condominium in it. They go out everyday from 3:30 until 9:00pm. I think they have a very good life. If you own a dog, it is like having a kid. They are great companions but you have to love them and take good care of them. How can you say you care about something if you leave it out in the heat and cold all year with bugs crawling all over it?

Posted by: assrot at July 12, 2005 08:59 AM