June 24, 2005

There's No Humor...

...In the Good Humor aisle at Giant.

As if it weren't sad enough to be doing your grocery shopping on a Friday night, alone, I had a basket full of frozen food screaming away at the state of my personal life. Don't ask me why but my chubby ass gave into the devil inside that was begging for ice cream.

I got to the aisle, my indecisiveness kicked in, and I hemmed and hawed about what to buy for a few minutes. Finally I started picking up boxes and comparing labels. I had to give into the devil inside but I didn't want to be 3 sizes bigger as a result. I finally decide on something, add it to my basket, and go on my way.


The ice cream bars fell on the floor as I'm leaving the aisle. As I pick them up I realize they aren't the ones I wanted. So I go to the end cap freezer with various frozen treats and put it inside. I reach to pick up a different box when I realize there are 20 bars inside. I definitely don't need that much ice cream in my freezer. My ass would be to New Jersey by dawn... So I close the freezer, keep looking, and finally decide on cheap ice cream bars.

I grab the box, pull it from the freezer, and *whoosh* the entire box of ice cream bars go flying across the floor. I start to laugh at the happenstance but as I look up to the people coming my direction, none of them are even snickering. One woman even glared at me for being her way as I picked them all up and put the damaged box back in the freezer. No humor I tell you...

Like studying alone on a Friday night in a crowded restaurant wasn't shameful enough... Hpmh!

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