June 20, 2005

Damn Deck

It bit me, you know... The damn deck bit me... and it bit me damn hard!

Ok, so I had a little fault in there too. I was walking around barefoot on the deck and stubbed my big toe (not unusual for the klutz that is me). This was different though, it hurt a lot. I looked down and there was a mouse sized spear sticking out of my toe. I yanked it out and of course, broke a piece off in my toe. I tried coaxing it out, but to no avail...

I went in search of the proper toe surgery tools... and found none.

So I took an unused finishing nail from a piece of newly purchased furniture and proceeded to dig the offending piece of wood from my toe. It took a bit of work but I have now removed one tiny splinter and one mouse sized spear-tip from my toe.

Finding a band-aid and antibiotic ointment was another adventure in itself...

But now I am bandaged and good as new! Who says self-surgery isn't fun?

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