May 23, 2005

Armed Forces Day

I missed the opportunity to blog about this very important day while I was away so I'll do my best to honor our troops in a belated post.

Today we have troops, not just in Iraq, not just in Kuwait, not just in Afganistan, but in many places across the globe. Some may feel forgotten or resent those that march in protest of war. Some may be safer than others and some may be coming home sooner. Some have never had the much desired opportunity to defend our country themselves and wish to join their fellow military overseas but, they cannot. Some long for things we take for granted in our lives.

No matter your mission, your job, or your location --
America is grateful for every sacrifice you willingly make.
Although we may forget the names and dates --
America remembers what you did for us and in our name.
Celebrity protests, anti-war rallies, and opinion polls be dammed --
America loves you,
Our peacekeepers and protectors,
who in our name endure what most cannot.


Always remember those who do their job so you can walk freely down the street, sleep soundly in your bed at night, play in the park with your children, and work in your office building each day worrying only about your job --
Support the United States Military and Her Allies.

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