May 13, 2005


It's funny what little tricks our mind uses to help us remember things.

For example, I recently had the following conversations:

Him: "Chipotle sounds good right about now."
Me: "Yeah, that would be good right about now...but there isn't one really all that close to me. Oh well."
Him: "Yeah, there's not really near you."
Me: "I think I've only been there once."
Him: "The time before we went to the beach?"
Me: "Wait, were you there?"
Him: "YES! We went to the beach and I dug a giant hole with the bucket and shovel I bought at Ralphs."
Me: "Yeah, I remember that...maybe I've been there twice. I just don't remember when I was there the second time."
Him: "ok..."
Me: "Did Miss Hottie throw up in the bathroom the time that we went?"
Him: "No..."
Me: "Maybe you were buying your beach toys when she did that. But she was hella hungover when we went, right?"
Him: "I don't think so..."

So during that conversation I never did figure out if I had been once or twice. On to the next conversation.

Miss Hottie: "I'm going to have Chipotle for dinner."
Me: "Cool. You know I think I've only been there once."
Miss Hottie: "Really?!?"
Me: "I think...I'm not sure...Was 'Digger' there the time you went and threw up?
Miss Hottie: "No, I don't think he was there..."
Me: "He wasn't at the store or something?"
Miss Hottie: "I don't think so...cuz that was the time we went and ate at the beach. Miss Teacher wasn't there."
Me: "Yes she guys made that face in the sand and I took a picture."
Miss Hottie: "Oh yeah...but I don't think 'Digger' was there that one time..."
Me: "'re right...we ate at the beach once and at the restaurant once."
Miss Hottie: "Yeah...there was the time at the beach and then the time with the cheese..."
Me: "Hehehe...puking cheese has got to suck..."
Miss Hottie: "Yes, it does....a lot."

So you see? I remember events in rather strange ways...who built what out of sand and who threw up where... Or maybe I just have strange friends...

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