May 12, 2005


A friend of mine celebrated a birthday a little while back and had a great story to match so I thought I would share it with you... but we'll skip to the good part of the night...

DISCLAIMER: Gross out potential. Oh, and the names have been changed to protect the innocent

Miss Hottie has been drinkin it up and dancing at her favorite local watering hole with her crew...all of them having a kick ass night. Miss Hottie loves to drink so tonight was no different.

Fast forward

Miss Hottie was dancing with her friend Mr. Nice Guy.
"You're spinning me too much," she says.
"I'm not spinning you at all," he replies.
"Oh... I'll be right back," as she takes off for the bathroom.
She books it to the bathroom, busts open a stall door, and before she can kneel or even lift the seat she loses it ... with perfect aim. She turns to the sink, rinses her mouth out, and returns to her crew. Mr. Nice Guy took her for a couple more spins before closing time.

Mr. Nice Guy was her designated driver as well. So guess what happens on the way home. She pulls a "Dan."
Leaned back in the seat, eyes closed, she says (in her best drunk slur), " took that curve waaay too fast."
Both amused and confused Mr. Nice Guy says, "no I didn't."
A few minutes go by...they are almost to their exit.
"Yeah, you're gonna want to pull over," she warns.
So Mr. Nice Guy pulls over to the side of the freeway and Miss Hottie opens the truck door, leans out (still buckled in), and loses it on the side of the road...with perfect aim.

Mr. Nice Guy gets her up to her apartment where her roommate has her pajamas all ready laid out on her bed for her. But first stop? The bathroom...where she loses it yet again.

Mr. Nice Guy leaves, everyone goes to sleep. She wakes up in the middle of the night and heads to the bathroom. Yep, she's chucking in there. Crawl back to bed and try to get some sleep.

She wakes up in the morning and can't even think of food. When she does, she heads to the bathroom and loses it another time. (Are you keeping count here?)

Unfortunately for her, she had a Doctor's appointment that morning. And she had to take a shuttle bus to get to it. Sux for her. So she arrived at the office, checked in with the receptionist, and promptly found their bathroom so she could chuck one final time.


True story...and in case you lost count, it was SIX times.
I wish I could have been there because it was funny as hell when she told it back to me. I don't know what they had her drinking but it didn't sound like all that much. In any case, she had herself one fun and memorable night. She's a trooper, for sure.

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