May 10, 2005

No Shoes, No Shirt...Not Single?

Apparently the beefy Mr. Kenny Chesney is off the market, ladies. That's right, he got married on that little island he lives on in the Carribean, to Rene Zellweger. Fox has a story with very few details.

But all I have to say is... Kenny! How could you? You've just met the girl. I know you've strayed a bit from the rest of the country pack but don't you go giving the whole genre a bad wrap now. What do you think you are...a pop star? Country stars get married and mean it. None of this Brittney "oops I didn't mean it" crap...ok?

Chris Cagle always just seemed a little bit more fun anyway...

Mmm Mmm...

Posted by Princess Cat at May 10, 2005 01:33 AM @ 01:33 AM in Random Much? // Permalink

Supposedly he met her a while ago, but still... WTH??? I don't think she is particularly good looking...Ugh. He could've done so much better. And yes, I agree, Chris Cagle is definitely sexy.

Posted by: Nerwen at May 10, 2005 08:56 AM