April 03, 2005

100 Things

  1. I curse enough to make military men blush
  2. I'm a Gemini - my sign fits me & I most definitely have 2 sides
  3. I think I was born in the wrong part of the country
  4. I have never felt at home anywhere but my Palmilla Apt in San Diego
  5. I'm an occasional overachiever, when I give a damn
  6. I enjoy smoking a good cigar
  7. Stupid people are the bane of my existence
  8. I am an ESTJ - the guardian/administrator
  9. Sometimes I'm an ESFJ – the caregiver
  10. I can't stick to a hobby for any length of time
  11. I'm addicted to Sheila (my computer)
  12. I always have an opinion
  13. If I think you're wrong, you'll soon know
  14. I'm a terrible packrat
  15. The Pacific Ocean talks to me (when I am on the beach at night)
  16. I can't wait to own a house CHECK
  17. Singing, however badly I do it, always makes my day a little better
  18. I think sarcasm is an art form I am working to master
  19. The smell of lilies calms me
  20. I've only known my dad to cry 3 times, twice it was my fault
  21. I hate school
  22. I'm very proud of having attended 5 different universities
  23. I love learning
  24. I love immersing myself in music (read: the surround sound is cranked)
  25. Tequila is my shot of choice
  26. I crave attention
  27. I hate the spotlight
  28. Having to be the bigger person really chaps my hide, but I keep on doing it because I hate myself if I'm not
  29. Baby snot is the most disgusting thing I can think of (just the sight of it makes me gag)
  30. I'm fascinated by military affairs
  31. I can't wait for a job, that stays at work Not as great as I thought it would be
  32. I've been suicidal more than once in my life
  33. I can hold a grudge for eternity
  34. My parents are divorced, at least 10 yrs too late in my judgment
  35. I love to travel
  36. Being away from my things for too long makes me uneasy
  37. I like country music more that most other genres
  38. Both my grandfathers died before I was born
  39. They both died of cancer before my parents ever met
  40. Reality TV has a way of sucking me in
  41. I can do 0 to BITCH in under 2 seconds
  42. Teaching comes naturally to me
  43. The only potential in-laws to openly like me were not US citizens
  44. I seriously considered joining the Marine Corps
  45. Beyond family, I can count the number of people I truly love on one hand
  46. The few I bother to hate I can count on the other
  47. The mainstream media annoys me
  48. The people who believe the MSM bullshit annoy me far more
  49. I've dissected a human cadaver (and it was one of the most awesome things I've ever experienced)
  50. I get along much better with male roommates than female
  51. I don't like other people to do my laundry
  52. I have an incredibly violent mind
  53. I only fight when someone else throws the first blow
  54. I find line dancing fun
  55. Silence freaks me out, especially if I'm alone
  56. Kids are not a part of my future plans
  57. Plastic surgery is, hopefully sooner rather than later
  58. Being the rock for others gives me purpose in life
  59. I have an incredibly analytical mind (that doesn't shut down)
  60. I don't tolerate deception, period
  61. Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot is my favorite phrase
  62. I have a compulsive need to correct things that are out of place (i.e. books out of place on the store shelf, sugar packets at a restaurant, the writing assignments of my peers)
  63. Explosions and fire turn me on
  64. I make myself feel better by buying bath products
  65. Taking baths doesn't relax me
  66. I'm not ready to be a grown up yet
  67. I have never fit in with my peer group, at any age
  68. I can't stand not being trusted
  69. I'm a Reagan Republican
  70. The idea of being married makes me feel secure
  71. The idea of getting married is unfathomably scary
  72. People that don't pay attention to politics are a constant source of irritation to me. Especially if there is an upcoming election.
  73. I can't stand going to bed at night unless I am worthlessly tired
  74. Waking up is my most dreaded part of the day
  75. I have never felt like more than a flawed version of what wish I were or people expect me to be
  76. I can't read more than a few pages of anything before my attention span fades (thanks grad school!)
  77. My father went to military school
  78. Ignoring me/not listening is the quickest way to piss me off
  79. I always have a bottle of Jager in the freezer
  80. I'm terrible at expressing my gratitude for other people
  81. I hate the color pink, unless it is associated with princess stuff
  82. I'm one of the laziest people I know
  83. Hurting people, no matter the circumstances, is one of the most difficult things for me to do
  84. Classical music grates on my nerves
  85. Feeling trapped is one of the worst feelings I have experienced
  86. I CANNOT have sex with only my socks on
  87. I am easily amused by cartoons, stupid humor, and simple things (like jumping in puddles with friends)
  88. I can't help but rock out to Bon Jovi (Living on a Prayer/Wanted Dead or Alive/You Give Love a Bad Name)
  89. I've been accused of setting the women's movement back 20 years with my thinking
  90. I believe in equal responsibility for equal rights (personal responsibility and ownership - novel concepts, I know)
  91. I don't participate in organized religion & my faith is very private
  92. Only one person close to me has ever failed to let me down - the rest have done a terrific job of it at least once
  93. That person will probably never really know how much she means to me - no matter how much I try to tell her
  94. Playing the drums would rule!
  95. White roses with lavender edges (think fire & ice) are my favorite - I've only found them once, ever (florists have no idea what I'm talking about)
  96. I can be painfully and unapologetically blunt with the truth
  97. My world seems off balance without fighter jets overhead
  98. I feel guilty spending money on myself
  99. I can organize anything, except my own life
  100. A solitary walk through a rain storm can wash away nearly all my stress and worry

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