May 03, 2005

Fingerprints & Boat Rocking

Today has been a fun, fun day.

My director has been giving me troubles over a class I want to take and it’s been severely chapping my hide. Well I've been talking to the instructor and he made statements about the course contrary to what the director did. So what happened? I made the instructor aware of the restrictions the director was putting on the course and he replied with "Let me speak with him and I'll get back to you."'s always a good day when I can rock the boat with the administration.

What else made my day so fabulous, you ask? I'm getting fingerprinted! In a good way. I've been selected as an alternate candidate for an internship in the fall and they are going to work on a clearance for me in case I end up getting it. Woohoo!

Good times, dear readers…good times…

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