May 02, 2005

I Was Dumb

Coming home today at 9:30p I had my headphones on as I tried in vain to study for the one final I have left. There was a rather distraught/tired looking fellow a seat over but that's standard in this city so I didn't think anything of it. When we got near my stop he made a quick phone call and then smiled in my direction. I smiled back and went back to putting my things away. He then pulled out an address and asked if I knew where the street was. So I told him I would show him where it was.
We got off the train and exited the station. We started walking toward a dark area with no sidewalk and I veered off to the better lit, paved portion of the road. I walked him to the intersection where I lived and told him exactly where he needed to go. We shook hands and parted ways.
It didn't dawn on me until I was at home making dinner...late at night, strange man I don't know, single girl, few people around... wtf was I thinking?

Little Miss Helpful apparently forgets about the dangers of big city life sometimes...

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