April 16, 2005

Great Falls

I went for a hike out at Great Falls today with a friend and his dog. Got my blood pumping pretty good in some places. Over all, the water was one of the most gorgeous things I have ever seen. Though, there’s not a chance of it beating the glorious sight of my lovely city as I fly in back home.
But I'm a dolt...I forgot my camera. My friend didn't tell me until after we had left that this was a scenic hike. I'd never been there before so I figured it was some trail with a bunch of trees, not much more. My bad.
Good excuse to go back though!

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Maryland or Virginia side? The gf and I took our bikes out (again) to the C&O, starting at Monocacy (over 20 miles north of Great Falls) and did a short, first-ride-of-the-season warmup ride on Sunday, and it was gorgeous out there, too.

(We're not counting the attempt to ride during the Cherry Blossom Festival as our first ride. We're trying to forget that, in fact.)

Posted by: Victor at April 18, 2005 08:09 AM