March 02, 2009

Redefining trust is something that's left up to us.
What you're getting in return is losing what you've earned

I really wish I had taken everyone's advice ... having a wedding is one of the dumbest things I have ever decided to do. I think it has caused more drama, strife, stress, and separation in our lives than any other single event. And it really shows you who your friends are (no, AWTM, I don't mean you).

We debated between two different dates and ultimately chose the one we did in order to accommodate a friend living overseas. He wouldn't be back in time if we chose the other date. That guy told us last month he won't be coming because he promised his girlfriend he'd be somewhere. LAME!

One friend's husband isn't coming because they are tired of traveling and they are working on their house. Not a matter of being able to afford it, they just don't want to. LAME!

My mom has taken a steaming shit on every aspect of my wedding and then calls crying about how we aren't close.

His mom isn't coming because she's a stupid, stubborn woman. I'm not even dealing with her.

How is it that people can give you the whole song and dance about how happy they are for you and how great getting married is and then just punk out?

I'm just glad to finally know who those friends really are and where we really stand. PEACE

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