March 10, 2008

I got to enjoy myself regardless
I appreciate life, Iím so glad that it's fine

Well ... since I'm actually going out tomorrow night, there's a chance people might stop by and read what I don't write here. I figure it should probably be some cryptically sad song lyrics. I can't really promise anything will be interesting though...

The biggest updates in my life? I have finally joined the Wii generation. In fact, I was actually able to purchase one two weeks in a row. (yes, I bought two ... no, they weren't both for me ...)

There are only two downsides to having a Wii (and I'm pretty sure there really are only two downsides to owning this gloriously beautiful machine).

First, life seems to understand that you now have a Wii and suddenly creates a list of responsibilities that you feel disproportionately more guilty for neglecting than you did before if you do not complete them before you begin wielding the awesome controller.

Second, you have to come off the money for the games ... F'ing nintendo. (I'm not cheap, I'm frugal!)

Other updates? I seem to have developed some type of kindness parasite. I think it is taking over the decision making sectors of my brain. In fact, I'm finding myself doing good deeds left and right. Making change for a guy on the bus, giving a woman back her glasses that she forgot on the train, freezing in line for and hour and a half for someone else's Wii since I knew she'd never get one ... I'm scared. Maybe we should set up a foundation in the name of finding a cure?

Oh, and I hate quotation marks. They should be banned from all written communication. Air quotes will be allowed to survive ... unless they are misused and the conversational airwaves become overrun with them. In that case, they must die as well.

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